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Boiler service and repair in Bellevue, WA

Boilers are one of the most popular, efficient and durable heating systems on the market. However, like every other piece of equipment they will eventually break down and require repair. Call a boiler repair technicians at Weekend Heating & Cooling if your boiler needs some work. We’ve been in business many years and have experience working with many different types and brands of systems.

Boiler Not Heating Enough

One of the most common problems that we repair is a boiler that isn’t heating up the home enough. This can sometimes be caused by a faulty thermostat, a bad pump, or by a clog in one of your water lines.

Boiler Making Strange Noises

If your boiler has started to make a strange noise, it likely means that something has broken. A grinding noise is often associated with the water pump’s motor. If your boiler is squealing, it could mean that you have some sediment or mineral build–up in one of the water lines.

Boiler Leaking Water

Finally, boiler water leaks are also very common. Any piece of equipment that handles a lot of water is going to eventually leak at some point.

Importance of Boiler Maintenance

We use our heating systems a lot here in Washington. All of that use can eventually lead to problems with your boiler. But unless you have a professional technician take a look at your heating system the only way that you’ll know that your heating system has problems is when it breaks down. That’s why having a heating specialist visit your home on a regular basis is such a good idea. Call the boiler maintenance experts at Weekend Heating & Cooling to set up regular heating maintenance. During our visits, our technicians will thoroughly inspect every component of your boiler. This will allow us to find those small problems and issues before they balloon into larger, more costly repairs. Regular maintenance could also potentially extend the life of your boiler, as well as increase its efficiency. Finding small repairs before they get bigger is a terrific way to make sure that your home is comfortable and that your boiler works consistently and efficiently.

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